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What is Wild Dynamics all about???

Dynamics is the driving force - the pattern of growth, change and development in any field. Cathryn works with you to identify areas of change and work with you to develop strategies, processes and tactics to implement into your business. She can assist with approaches to improve your services, delivery and systems so your business has a strong foundation to grow and scale.

Wild is at the forefront as Cathryn is a Wild Child who doesn’t do anything by the book. Working with her will push you to think outside the box, burn it and do a wheelie on it!! She is a ball of energy that is contagious and influences all areas of the business in the most positive way.

Cathryn likes business to be FUN, authentic, deliverable and exceptional! At the end of the day that is what life and business is all about!!


This Business Coaching & Mentoring Program is for ambitious, motivated, business owners. You will receive personalised on going business support that will give strategic clarity and customer growth strategies relevant for your most valued customers and your business.

 Create a team of engaged, committed employees that are trained to exceed. Fun, informative sessions designed to on engagement & team building.

 Dedicated time to work ON your business! Identify areas of change and I work with you to develop strategies, processes and tactics to implement into your business for growth, sustainable and ongoing development

Need guidance, want to bounce ideas or just need some motivation or inspiration to get your business off the ground or take it to the next level??


One of Cathryn's goals in life is to help, inspire & share with as many people as she possibly can. Her infectious personality in the classroom and on stage shines through. Whether it be on business, parenting or personal development, she is sure to be a crowd pleasure!


If you have an event coming up that you would like to hire her for follow the link below to book in for a chat to see if Cathryn is a good fit for your next audience. 


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Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic

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