"Follow your heart,

Live to your potential

Value yourself

Create Change" 

- Cathryn Mahon

Passionate About Inspiring Others

My Name is Cathryn Mahon and I am a self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine, I love developing new concepts and business ideas, and making my own opportunities. My superpowers are being a disruptor (I was nicknamed Cyclone Cathryn by my kindergarten teacher!) idea generating, troubleshooting, talking to people & inspiring others. Essentially, I have taken my superpowers, love of business, helping people and creating innovative ideas to establish Wild Dynamics. I not only help my clients with growth strategies, marketing plans, & innovative processes, I help them to overcome their own personal limiting beliefs to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

I have developed a unique set of skills and insights through my experience in the high-end retail clothing and jewellery sectors, as a self-employed vermin destroyer, and owner of Focus36 – a local boutique outlet showcasing locally made produce and handcrafts.

My intention with Wild Dynamics is specialising in assisting my clients to become the business owners they strive to be, help them establish solid foundations which they can grow a sustainable business, teach authentic marketing principles and focus on good customer service. Create a unique customer experience that sees clients become your businesses biggest advocates.

My philosophy is simple – get people to be the best version of themselves – and business development and growth will follow! Creating memorable customer service experiences is one of my main focus areas. I believe a business that consistently delivers exceptional customer service generates a sustainable business, saving themselves time, money and ultimately transforming their customers into advocates and cheerleaders for their business! From personal stylists to social media agencies, photographers to jerky producers – this simple approach has helped to transform numerous businesses!

I have always been a big dreamer and now I have made the choice to take action rather than just talking and wishing for it and helping my clients do the same. Really that is all it takes to achieve greatness and success in whatever endeavour you undertake. Critical thinking, belief, unwavering grit and my absolute love for all I do will see your dream come to fruition,

Make It Happen Baby!! 


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Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic

Bendigo, VIC 3550

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