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5 Ways to Get Out of Stagnation!

We have all been there! That place in our minds, careers, life and business when we are just not sure what to do or which way to go! The pressure we place on ourselves is what pushes us forward, but it can also be what cripples us most. I wanted to share with you 5 ways that I personally use when I see this feeling coming up. I also use these tools and techniques with my clients.

1.Take time out! Step away from the computer I swear the world will not end!

Sometimes the only thing we need when we are feeling stuck and overwhelmed is to just take some time out for us. Giving ourselves and our minds space to clear out the clutter from stress, deadlines, endless to do lists. Taking time out allows you to re-focus on what is really important. It can also be the strongest tool in helping you work out the answer to your problem. When I am stuck on something I either go for a walk, have a shower or take a nap. I usually always discover the answer however if I am still stuck - I will reach out to someone so I can talk it out and bounce ideas.

Taking time out also give us the opportunity to care for the most important person in your life....YOU!!! When we get to a place of overwhelm, stress or just plain stuck in a rut; we aren't our best selves and we are also not delivering the greatest value to our clients, business and loved ones.

2. The Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle is the observation (not law) that most things in life are not distributed evenly. It can mean all of the following things:

20% of the input creates 80% of the result

20% of the workers produce 80% of the result

20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue

20% of the bugs cause 80% of the crashes

20% of the features cause 80% of the usage

And on and on…

Work out where you are best to put your time, energy and resources for the results you want to achieve. Such as if you receive most of your business from referrals rather than online marketing then invest your time to find more ways to get in front of people and vice/versa. This gives you the clarity of what you NEED to be working on rather than spending 80% of your time to only receive 20% of the reward!

3. Plan and implement a 90 Day Action Plan!!!

Implementing a 90 day action plan gets you focused on all areas of your business that need to be addressed to achieve growth. It's a simple process the hard part is staying committed and accountable to the plan! Here is a basic outline for a 90 day Action plan. If you would like a template with all the Key Areas email me at chat@wilddynamics.com and I will send you one through.

Step 1: Choose Key Objectives:

For your first 90-day roadmap, choose 4 Key Objectives you want to achieve in each business

development area that you want your business to focus on for the next quarter.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious; just remember you only have three months to turn your goals into reality.

Step 2: Break each goal down into actionable items:

The final step is to unpack your goals and turn them into actionable snippets. Put the planner for you to

easily refer too. I suggest making time every week to assess what actions you need to make that week for

example an hour on a Sunday so that come Monday you are set up for the week.

REMEMBER: During this time you will have a million and one new ideas come in that will attempt to distract you! Have a separate sheet of paper that is dedicated to capturing these ideas and then once you are up to setting the next quarter you can include them in the next plan.

4. Get busy creating content

Creating valuable content is more than just 1 post or video when the right system is applied they become assets to you and your business. It also gets our creative juices flowing and in turn motivates and inspires us more to move forward. Sort of like when you are having a conversation with a stranger: You start off with un-interesting small talk, mumbling about the weather and the lack of rain (and you are really just trying to work out how you can poliety leave)....but then you find out you both have a similar interest whether it be health and fitness, business or both barrack for the same footy club. All of a sudden you are talking easily, the conversation flows effortlessly and you talk for an hour without realising.

Ignite the fire for what you do by spending time educating others about it!

"Marketing is telling the world your a rockstar. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one!" - Robert Rose

5. Connect with People!

Having regular connection with a group of like minded people has proven health benefits. Mental and physical. Fun is good for you! It’s often hard to justify the time to go and be social, especially when things seem tough in your business. But this is exactly what you should do - getting an injection of support and ideas from others can be just what you need to get back into the right frame of mind in your business. You also might pick up a referral or two!

So get out there and find a tribe of people you can connect with! You never know where your next big inspiration or referral will come from.

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If you are finding yourself stuck in a rut and need to chat please reach out to me at chat@wilddynmics.com - free half hour blitz session to get your moving again!!

My Best Regards

Cathryn Mahon - Wild Dynamics

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