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Business is a Journey NOT just a destination.

Currently I am working with mainly Start Up entrepreneurs while this is a very fun and exciting time there is 1 HUGE issue I am seeing over and over again. People are thinking they want to start a business and INSTANTLY they will be rocketing around the world, consulting to the Highest paid executives, speaking from every stage and having other people do all the hard work for them!!

REALITY CHECK business is TOUGH!! It takes time, grit, determination, persistence, failures MANY, MANY failures. Constant work, constant energy, constant revision, improvement, change and innovation. The list is endless if you really want to make your dream into reality. Above all, it takes Heart! This is what gets you through the hard and low times, makes you step up and get really uncomfortable because you KNOW that your dream is worth it, you are worth it and the world NEEDS what you have to offer.

But I see why people are so deluded in their thinking I see so many people making RIDICULOUS claims of instant success, they are constantly plastered all over social media. The luxe lifestyle, shiny smiles, flashy cars, clothes and jewellery. How much of it is actually TRUTH??? I go by the saying if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. Even the people who have made a quick success have had their fair share of failures before getting it right! Also the right way for them, does not mean it will be the right way for you! Honestly it makes me so angry, it creates falseness in our society, people try to compare their expectations to what they perceive is someone's reality and in fact very little of it IS reality. People are then left feeling dejected, unworthy, failures and then go spend thousands of dollars trying to learn from these fake successful bullshitters who really should be strung up and held accountable for their lies and deception. Will it happen?? No! Because social media applauds this behaviour - Ohhh look i have 100 thousand followers I am now an instant success and people will pay to learn from me.

These people are FAKE, their products are FAKE and they are giving no value back to the world or anyone else. Most of their content can be found for free online anyway so save yourself some cash and do the work yourself! What you have to offer and the value you can give the world is UNIQUE so create your own journey in business. Learn from people that give more than they take. People of true character and spirit. These are the ones who are serving a purpose greater than themselves.

If it's something that you desire to achieve, a dream you can't turn off, a business/idea/service that you are so truly passionate about because you can't stop ever thinking, breathing, talking about. Then all you have to do is take action! Take the first step, write down all your ideas, intentions, desires, READ, learn, research and above all else TRUST! As long as you are taking CONSTANT action your dreams will come true. They may just get BIGGER!

Start here and let the crazy, wild, journey to your own business start! Don't compare your journey to someone else's " Comparison is the thief of JOY". Every knock, success, challenge, obstacle you overcome, is an experience sent from the Universe to teach you a lesson that is important and valuable just for YOU. Draw on these to create something EXTRAORDINARY!

The challenges maybe tough and the journey rough; Sometimes isolating, frustrating and totally overwhelming, just stay true to your and your mission and it will all be worth it! Strength is reaching out for help and support when you need it. Be choosey who you surround yourself with, look for people who align with your mission, that help you personally and will dedicate their time to YOU. Once you set your path alight the people you need will always show up to help you along your way. Build a business of passion over passive, make your time in the world count by sharing your journey, superpowers and giving back as much value as possible.

I will leave you with one of my favorite sayings - "Whatever doesn't kill you, will always make you stronger..... and incredibly AWESOME!!!"


Much Love,

Cathryn Mahon

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