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Do you need a Consultant to find Your Keys?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Honestly NO!

Monday morning I was packing my suitcase preparing to head away to Melbourne for the night with my husband. During the packing I was also responding to emails, work related messages and checking the comments of a facebook post - all the really important tasks business owners do Haha! My constant phone and notification checks while I was still packing meant I misplaced my phone! NOOO!!! For 20 minutes I searched the bedroom high and low trying to uncover the phone I had in clear view only moments before! How can this happen!! It can't happen to me right now just as I am about to leave. 'Oh my god what if i can't find it!' We have to go still - we have reservations, appointments, meetings ahhhh this is the worst! What am i going to do!! All of this goes flying through my head while still frantically searching to no avail! I still have to do my hair, pack my toiletries - Mick is going to be here any minute to get me and I am nowhere near ready! How am i meant to contact the children while we are away?? Please think of the CHILDREN!! S#@T I can't ring it even it's still on silent! Why didn't I take it off night mode yet it's 10am!!

Breathe - its fine - its just a phone, it doesn't have legs and can't walk away. Just calm down! Ok coach brain has kicked in thank goodness!! Go get ready - worry about your phone later. Straightening hair reminding myself to be calm, and then start asking myself questions removing emotion and stress. Right what was on the screen last time I saw it? Just the home screen no reply from client - cool. What was my next thought? I need to stop picking up my phone and get me bags packed! Well that backfired! Moving along. Where was I? What was near me? BAZINGA!! I bet you my phone is in my suitcase!! Hair half straightened back into what now looks a crime scene with clothes, shoes and blankets thrown everywhere I open my fully packed and zipped suitcase and take out the last items I placed in and sure enough there was my phone!! Saved!

Then as I went back to complete my hair I thought you know what - being a consultant, coach or strategist is really just like being that voice of calm, clarity and vision to a person who has lost their keys.... or in my case phone (I don't get entrusted with keys or we would always be late!)

However have you ever noticed that when you are in that moment of complete stress from a lost object that you are tearing the room or house apart looking for said object and you are completely beside yourself! All you can think about is how you are going to be late, miss a call, opportunity, or meeting because of the misplaced item. We constantly go to the worry and concern for the future impacts the disruption has caused. How helpful is it when someone comes along and firstly calms you down - and asks you specific questions relating to actually finding the item instead of the frantic, panic search you were involved in?

Having them ask you without emotional pressure, Where did you see it last? Could it have fallen down behind? What was next to you last time you saw it? They bring you out of the state of stress and focus just on the task at hand - not what appointment you are going to miss or whose fault it is they got lost in the first place. They focus just on the right NOW and what problem needs to be solved.

This is exactly what a consultant does - just for businesses instead of crazy, stress people searching for lost objects!. They determine exactly what the outcome needs to be, identify challenges in a calm non judgemental way, suggest solutions and sometimes the business owner works out the solution themselves - the consultant can be there to add extra value and formulate a workable action plan - then hold them accountable so they actually achieve the outcome!

One of the greatest benefits a consultant has to a business owner is the ability to see from the outside in, they are removed from the situation and aren't emotionally attached to the outcomes - YES this is a massive benefit! By removing emotion I do not mean they don't care about the outcome, they very much do, they will always want to see their clients succeed that's why they do what they do! Not being emotionally attached allows them to be more subjective, proactive, to offer solutions and suggestions that as the business owner would never dream to extend too.

So if you are a coach, consultant or strategist - next time someone asks "What exactly do you do?" Feel free to say " I help business owners find their keys!" :-) Or if you are a Business Owner that is feeling lost - maybe you need to find the right consultant for you to help you find the lost keys that are holding you back in your business!

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