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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Have you found your Inner Mongrel?

Might sound like a strange thing to say to someone in business coaching however I have found personally and for my clients, it's when you find your Inner Mongrel shit gets real and massive change and action takes hold!

Ok so I could say it all nice and sweet like find your "Inner Strength" or "Authentic something something" I do say these too but I LOVE the term Inner Mongrel. What does it mean? Well it's that part in you when you just get tough with yourself, your customers, clients, employees and business. It's that moment when you say 'NO MORE' in any challenge you are facing. It makes you strive harder; not give in and be totally in control having the hard conversations with yourself or those around you. When you no longer let people walk over you, take advantage and you stand up for YOU! That's your Inner Mongrel coming out. It doesn't mean that we go around biting people that doubt, reject or disrespect us (we should), it means that you are certain enough in your own ability, skills and self to brush it aside and kick some grass on that shit!

I firstly noticed my Inner Mongrel when I was doing discovery calls for a marketing agency. It was my role to qualify potential clients to progress to a further consultation - however I was so soft! I wasn't asking the hard, uncomfortable questions and was letting leads progress that weren't properly qualified or worst I let them overbare me and the conversation. Some were down right mean bullies!

Then it was like a switch flicked in me! No, HELL NO!

I needed to protect myself from getting spoken over and put down. It was my job to protect the consultants time and make sure that only 100% qualified leads were given a further appointment. So I got TUFF!! I asked the hard questions, didn't get put off from rejections or challenges, I also didn't hold onto to the emotion bestowed on me from one client to the next. If I had a mean one I got over it, I learnt I had to show up how I wanted too, not full of anger and doubt from the previous interaction.

Since becoming a Coach/Consultant I see so many business owners that are just stuck in that place; full of doubt, stress and worry. They are giving, bending over backwards, buying into every 'next big thing' that's going to help them achieve all their life long dreams. They just forget that the one thing that is always going to be necessary to get them to the next level is and always will be THEM! They just have to get tuff, realise where they are giving to much and not asking for enough - whether it be time, money, product or service. We tend to 'get soft' and unsure of exactly what it is we are here for and trying to achieve. That's the fun thing about being a coach, helping them realise it - then kicking their ass and holding them accountable til they get there!

So if you are finding yourself, overwhelmed, stressed, directionless - FIND YOUR INNER MONGREL. Get tuff on yourself first, stand up for yourself, your employees, your business, your family. Take charge of YOU; Because you deserve it!

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