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Hormones in the Workplace

Have you ever considered the impact of hormones in your workplace? Do you have conversations or policies in place to make sure that your team is happy, healthy and productive when they are experiencing painful periods or for men experiencing an imbalance or hormone change. Yes guys do go through a version of menopause too!!

So I can't speak for the male population however I can share my challenges in the hopes it may raise awareness of the importance of establishing and maintaining an accepting, safe and healthy work environment for everyone.

Normally I am a productive, hard working, positive and outgoing person that will do whatever it takes to get the results for my clients, customers and family. But on the dreaded week prior to my monthly cycle, I am overcome with emotion, doubt and fear grip my every thought and make me what to give-up all that I work for. When I was working in retail the struggles were the same, for a few days my energy and productive levels were down as I was struggling physically. This was out of my control and did my best to always push through but to what demise?

So what needs to change? Acceptance and open communication between management and staff of their physical health and wellbeing. Women can't stop or change their challenges with periods despite how much we would love to not experience this issue so frequently. As a society we can change the mentality of women being afraid to show weakness and vulnerability through this time and fearing retaliation of put downs because they have reacted stronger than normal to a situation. Allow women to accept that this change occurs and support them through it by not allowing harsh remarks, or jokes to be made on them needing a warm compress on their abdomen. Give them the opportunity to lay-down for 10 minutes while the panadol kicks in and the back cramps ease so that they can get back to their job and do it more productively and effectively without the pain. Make sure the ladies on the registers or showroom floor are given the opportunity for an extra toilet break if needed.

This might be an uncomfortable topic to have with employees, but guess what..... it's natural and every woman has to go through this. Some worse than others, some women suffer so badly through this time often have to take time off work because the ability to get out of bed simply isn't there. Not everyone's the same, so the conversation and open environment need to be established so that people are kept healthy and happy in the workplace. In turn this creates a healthy and happy team that are engaged with job roles, productive with their time and more likely to become the greatest asset for your business!

Really this is more than just creating a workplace where women can feel free to use a heat pack without shame or embarrassment. This is just one topic to explore to ensure that your staff are recognised as individuals with different strengths, value and challenges and the importance of establishing a environment that supports and accepts them so they can THRIVE.

If creating a happy workplace is something that you would live to achieve and need some assistance please reach out I would love to chat with you.


Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic @ Wild Dynamics

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