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Increase impact, clarity and direction with the Power of Three

See what I did there?? Used three key words in the title of the article! This number three has kept coming up for me lately when working on my own businesses and with clients - so I thought I would do some further investigating and find out what is at the core of the Power of Three.

The power of three -- sometimes called the rule of three -- is everywhere. It’s actually ingrained into our society, culture and psyche. It influences how we think, remember and process information on a daily basis. It's an observation that the human brain tends to break up complex concepts into three parts for easier comprehension and analysis.

The Power of Three is relevant because the number three is the lowest figure that can be used to form patterns in our mind. This is important, because the first instance of something occurring, always comes down to chance; the second instance is considered a coincidence; while the third instance is perceived as a pattern.

Utilising the Power of Three constructs things to be more engaging, satisfying and more effectively presented when using this rule. In fact, it is said that an audience is more likely to consume and absorb any type of information presented to them when it is grouped into threes.

In business, you can use the power of three to define your audience, structure your pitch and clarify your product or service offering and sales strategy. This allows the business owner to have increased clarity and direction of their business and service offerings, whilst still being diverse enough to simplify taking action and avoid information overload.

When you have a great product market fit, that is, when you build a product or a service that your customers actually want, that product or service in the middle will be what the majority of customers will pay for. Typically, you'd add one other product on each side, a cheaper one and a more expensive one. Or one that is more scalable but less flexible and one that is more flexible but less scalable. You decide, but always have three options: one you think people will need most and two more that offers something different to people who don't fit in the middle category.

Take a look at your menu structure at the top of your website. How many options do you have? Many websites have too many. Whittle it down to three options. Three is plenty. Have three things for people to click on to create optimal engagement and conversion.

Using the Power of Three allows you to convey concepts more thoroughly, highlight your points, and increase the prominence of your message.

That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

If you are into creative content writing, ad copy, or jingles, ‘three’ will turn out to be the magic word for you. The outline of an effective speech will have three sections: an introduction, body and conclusion. The repetition is powerful because it can make your message more persuasive, memorable, and entertaining. Using 'Three' helps you create attractive, compelling, and engaging content. For instance, the typical story has a beginning, middle and end. The protagonist often goes through three main challenges or obstacles before attaining his/her objective. If you can recall some of the most popular stories, fairy tales, and moral fables prevalent in your childhood - the three little pigs, the three musketeers, or the three wise men. Popular quotes are constructed in three parts: 'blood, sweat and tears', 'sex, drugs and rock n roll', 'stop, look and listen', 'I came, I saw, I conquered'.

Once your eyes are open, you will see the power of three everywhere. Three options make it easy for people to choose. If you apply this rule to your marketing, you will design a great website, write great copy for it (emphasizing only three major points), or offer great subscription plans. By limiting options to only three you are spurring customers into action. You make them pick something suitable for them and leave them happy instead of confused and overwhelmed.

Thrice the Power to YOU!!!

Cathryn Mahon

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