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NEVER Forget this Sales TIP!!!

I believe selling is so much more than just obtaining money for a product or service; it's about building a relationship forged with trust, honesty and exchange of value. From many years experience selling high-end items there is one thing that helped me above all else succeed in my selling career. And NO it's not the best marketing campaign, objection handling skills or your uncanny ability to sell ice to eskimos (stupid saying really how unintelligent are we perceiving eskimos to be! They are the most resourceful, creative and instinctively capable people I think.) However it seems this one thing is getting lost!

Like most people in business we are constantly targeted, prospected, pitched and followed up for all sorts of services, products and who knows what else. I want to share a recent experience that highlights the importance of the One Thing. Nearly a year ago I connected with a guy who was offering a service I was interested in at the time. We had a great chat for well over an hour on all sorts of subjects. He was kind enough to offer advice and action items and said to touch base in a few days. Well a week or so later I reached out to him and left a message which he never returned (No returning phone calls isn't the one thing however I HIGHLY recommend you respond ASAP to everyone!) A few weeks later he messages me and says to call him - so I did and honestly I don't think he could recall even speaking to me a few weeks earlier! Since this time he has continued to reach out via messages which I reply because I'm a nice person. But it's usually the same old fishing for lead messages like - how's biz or how's sales.


If you want to make sales and build relationships with all the prospects or leads you come into contact with as well as clients/customers you NEED a great database that you update with absolutely every bit of information you can possibly recall from your time interacting with the person. When I managed a high-end jewellery store I trolled that database frequently, I updated every time a repeat customer purchased an item, wrote whatever details I could gather, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, favourite colours, animals WHATEVER! Then if traffic was slow in the store I could contact people on the database and have an actual conversation with them because I had information about their time in my store, region and ask with confidence personal questions relevant to them. I could call up customers when new jewellery came in and if I thought they would like it I would just ring them and sell it over the phone. Technology has advanced a lot since this time and now I could send a photo easily but at the time this wasn't as readily available.

Getting to know your customers and keeping written notes on every interaction is the ONE THING that will see you build a client base of loyal, trusting and repeat cheerleaders that will help you grow and maintain a sustainable business. Also keeping a updated database means that you can familiarise yourself with customers names and details so when they do come back or contact the business I can address them by name and being able to do this helped my closing rate tremendously.

There is so many fantastic platforms out there to help and support you with this I really like HubSpot however if you are a small business using a spreadsheet template will definitely suffice. People like to be remembered and hearing their name - for me it's not about just making sales and closing deals; it's about building relationships and being able to help or provide value to people.

If you would like to learn more about building an effective database and ways you can utilise to engage with clients or prospects I will might run a workshop. Just send me a message if this might interest you.

Have a fantastic day,

Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic

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