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What are your Superpowers?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Superpowers, genius, talent, core value..... these seem to be the new trendy words of the New Age workplace we are currently experiencing. If you haven't cottoned on to the value of understanding exactly what it means you are MISSING OUT!!! Whether you are working solo, in a partnership or in a team of 1000's of people - understanding exactly what every individual's underlying Superpower is not only hugely rewarding for the person but also has the ability to add huge value to your business as well.

HOW?? By creating engaged employees - when people are working within their scope of genius they are much more efficient and effective in their job role. They feel (and are) more productive and have a genuine feel of contribution to the business and team. When you are naturally good at something you enjoy the task, you take pride in overcoming the challenges in front of you and the output of work is higher quality. Of course I understand that you can't always have your team working just in roles they want to, there is always going to be tasks that are necessary to keeping a business going that nobody likes doing (TAX for me!) However if you make finding out peoples natural skills and superpowers a part of your recruiting process you really can build a team of Superheroes! Take the time to really consider what skill sets your team possess or needs - do they need to be adaptable, people focused, relationship builders, quick learners, systems and process orientated? If you have a team that are guns at sales and customer service however there is a lack of processes supporting them - then you need to find a person that can add value to your team by developing and implementing suitable processes so the Team as a Whole works to a higher level.

Always Remember: The right person in the right role will be twice as valuable to your business.

Superpowers don't necessarily show up as obviously as the word suggests - those in the know aren't running around in masks and underwear!! For instance my Superpowers are being a disruptor, idea generating, troubleshooting, talking to people & inspiring others; this enables me to go into people's businesses pull it apart, create and implement plans to put it back together in a effective manner. I'm also really good at calling people on their bullshit while making them feel fabulous about themselves and the direction they are heading.

Just like Superheroes from the movies they all have their own place within the Team - when you need techy stuff done its Ironmans genius you wouldn't ask Deadpool to do it. The same process needs to be used in the workplace. You will be amazed at how much hidden talent you might not be utilising. Don't just take someone's resume as gospel to what they are actually good at. Be the change in your employees lives by digging deeper to uncover their true potential and you will be rewarded in more ways than one.

Not everyone is a natural leader, just because someone is good at their job role does not mean that they can teach someone else to do it or can lead a team of people. Find out what support they need to be effective in the role or you are setting them up for crushing challenges and failure.

Those Daredevils that are working solo, the above is still true except you have to be the one in charge of uncovering your potential! That can be a tough gig - it can be a bit ouchy when we look inside ourselves but the outcome is life changing. Give yourself the space to really get clear on what really is your Superpower! Then when you come up against a task that isn't aligned with your genius, work towards outsourcing those tasks to someone who has those skill sets. Why do your bookkeeping if you hate bookwork?? It takes up heaps of time! Leverage your time - contract a bookkeeper, free your time and energy and let them do what they love; while you do what you are here for!

The strongest partnerships I have seen is when both parties are clear and open about what their strengths in the business are - you don't need two sales people when you have 1 that is a natural relationship builder. Being in a partnership isn't doing everything together - that isn't using your time or talents well. Work out what your core strengths are, what roles in the business that adds the greatest benefit and for any gaps look at getting in assistance.

Save your time, energy and money by not wasting time on tasks that you just have no business worrying about!

Powerfully Yours

Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic @ Wild Dynamics

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