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What is the greatest challenge in Business? Here's my thoughts and Helpful Tips to overcome it!!

Being a business coach/mentor/strategist is my ultimate dream, when I am with clients talking, brainstorming, assessing and planning it's when I feel most alive, energetic and full of purpose and passion.

I have seen repeatedly amongst businesses one particular challenge and it really isn't what you would normally expect!! It's not lead generation or cash flow, angry customers or technical issues - actually it's nothing to do with the business functions at ALL!

The greatest challenge I have identified, particularly with solo and small team operations, is personal challenges. I'm not talking mindset, procrastination or lack of skills - I'm talking sickness, family problems, deaths or anything that impacts on your ability to 'think' clearly and concisely on your business.

It's these external factors that have the greatest impact and opportunity to cause significant problems particularly if you are a solo business owner. I have been a single mum and dealt totally fine until I got sick! That was the hardest thing to get through. You just want to curl up in a ball but that's not an option. It's the same for small business owners who don't have a team of people around to pick up the workload even for a few days. So when life happens and shit gets hard it affects everything!

When a friend or family member dies, stress & sleepless nights from sick children, anxiety from being your life being threatened, strain in the family dynamics & personal sickness - these are all challenges faced over the last month 😕 and also many other business owners I know. These lifeoccurrencess impact on our ability to function at 💯 in our businesses.

The struggle to keep showing up for my clients was real! It was hard to concentrate, prioritise and give them the best service. I messed up emails, had to reschedule meetings, I wasn't as present and supportive to my members.

What could I do to change that?

Well, nothing! This is life and it's full of challenges that are going to test you. All I could do was keep showing up the best I could, reach out for help, take 100% ownership of my failings and do what I could to control the situations.

You can't control what happens to you in life. . but you can control how YOU respond ❤❤❤

1. Surround yourself with people that have your back and a ear to listen

2. Have systems and processes to support you in business 

3. Take the time you need 

4. When all else fails....WINE 🍷🍷🍷 😜

Keep on truckin' because you have value that the world needs!!


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