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Really Who do you think is THE most important person in YOUR business??

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

  • The Business Owner or employer of course! No they are crucial because without them would the business even exist? Probably not. However most businesses can function & continue to operate successfully without the Owner or Employer if the team of employees are trained appropriately.

  • The Accountant?? Where would we be without money? Not in business that's for sure!

  • The Receptionist?? They are awfully important, in a lot of companies they are the face of the business & the first impression of customers or clients have of the business.

  • It has to be marketing doesn't it! Because without marketing how do customers even know you exists?? Highly important however not THE person I believe!

  • The Employees? Without them do you even have a business?? Who else makes sales to keep the cash flow coming in? VERY CLOSE!! Second most important aspect of business is most definitely your team!!

  • CUSTOMERS!!! Yes of course! Without a doubt they are THE most important person in your business. If you don't agree well try to operate a business without them!! Every business has customers in some way, shape or form. It may be face to face interaction, it might be the general public or school kids! Every business has CUSTOMERS!

My greatest concern is that it is the customer that is the One aspect of business that is getting forgotten about! Customer Service?? What is that anymore!! Why bother talking to customers when you can just email them. The lack of service given in retail stores these days is horrifying & astounding! In my eyes it really is no wonder that so many retailers are struggling. Yes I know Amazon, online shopping, eBay they are the ones that ruined it all!! BullS#@T. Retail stores suffer when the employees & employers stopped making their customers a priority in their business. So often I go into stores & the employees are so busy re-arranging displays that all the customer get is a 'Can I help You?' Not the way I like to be engaged with & I will not hang around let alone spend money in a business like that. Customers are the one that hand over the cash so the employees can have a JOB! Then WHY are they not being tendered too??

Online shopping is a challenge for Bricks & Mortar retailers without a doubt! BUT, I wholehearted believe that if customers receive not just exceptional service but a genuine enjoyable experience they will not only spend their money with you, they will also come BACK!! Creating a loyal customer base is fundamental in establishing a sustainable business that has the ability to scale & grow.

Where does good Customer Service begin?? Training! Show your employees how you want your customers & clients treated. Give them the skills to communicate effectively & build rapport. Have a clear process & expectations in place so that every customer receives consistently great service & watch your happy customers become your biggest cheer leaders for your business!

It's not rocket science but it does seem to be a dying art! Exceptional service always starts with the same beginning...... A smile :-)

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