Strategic business consultation


- Are you feeling lost, confused & needing direction in your business?

- Have you grown your business on weak foundations & are now

   struggling to scale or hold it together at all!!

- Have you noticed a absence of processes & structure in your business?

- Do you just not know what you need to do next to get where it is you dream to be??

Wild Dynamics might be the right fit for you! 

Strategic Consultation is not a one size fits all approach! It is a dedicated service that is determined to get you the results you need! Firstly we go through an in depth analysis of your whole business, identify the areas of improvement  as well as your current strengths. Then I get to work devising a range of solutions that might suit your current challenges. An action plan is formulated, strategies implemented, action taken , results calculated and reviewed.

This is initially done over a 12 week period it is entirely up to the business owners if they wish to continue after this period. I do like to check back in regularly over the following 12 months to make sure any kinks or issues are ironed out. 

This process is designed for business that have been in operation for at least 3 years and are now wanting ensure their business foundations are solid and systems are in place so they can grow and scale for years to come.


I specialise in helping you to understand your customers better and help you create an outstanding service, although this is not my only superpower, whatever challenges you might be facing I am confident in my ability to uncover the perfect solution - I won't rest until I do anyway!


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Cathryn Mahon - Business Mechanic

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